Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

Праздник в Королевском Стиле

Hi There! I would like to share some ideas for a Nautical Birthday Party Theme setup. This theme is suitable for boys and girls. It can be organized at any time of the year. indoors and outdoors. I, personally, love nautical birthday parties a lot. They always turn positive!Nautical Birthday Party

Nautical Birthday Party

Nautical Birthday Cake





IMG_5117Sea shells and Stars in a Jar look great as a party decor.

Праздник в Королевском Стиле

As well, you may decorate your tableware with Nautical decorating pieces as anchors, wheels, ships, lifebuoys. You may simply print them on paper and cut yourself from or you may buy precut ones in store like Michaels, for example.


Maritime theme chocolate is just perfect for Nautical Birthday Party celebrations.



Thematic frames, decorative ships or any related nautical figurines will ad an extra touch to your sweet table.


I pick a blue, white and some pink color variations for this party. Plates in a fish shapes did an extra job and became a hit in appetizers area.

IMG_5365 IMG_5346 IMG_5405-Edit

Welcome on board!

Happy partying,


Photo credit goes to an amazing photographer and great person Rita Kravchuk

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